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Strategic Plan 2019-2022


The City of Thompson is committed to providing a superior quality of life and unlimited opportunities for all. 


The City of Thompson is dedicated to supporting healthy growth and our northern urban lifestyle while providing our community with high quality municipal services and facilities.  We are:

  • A progressive community of choice that offers a clean, safe, and friendly environment.
  • A regional service centre which respects our relationship and partnerships with neighbouring communities and recognize that northern Manitoba is vital to the strength of our province.
  • A community which celebrates the diversity of our people, cultures, and traditions.

Our strength lies in our healthy lifestyles; educational, employment and economic opportunities; our respect for the northern environment; and our global perspective.


Environmental Responsibility

The City of Thompson aims to be responsible environmental stewards, and minimize the impact of our actions on our local and regional landscape.

Financial Accountability

We’re dedicated to managing public funds responsibly, and ensuring residents get the most value from their tax dollars that we can deliver.

We’re accountable for our actions, and our decisions as a council.

Recreation and Quality of Life

In supporting and promoting the importance of healthy living, the City of Thompson is dedicated to providing healthy recreational and cultural opportunities for the residents and visitors.

Respect for Employees/Citizens

We respect the social, cultural, and economic diversity of our residents, and strive to reflect those values in our actions, services, and hiring practices.

Community Safety and Well-being

We’re dedicated to a safe community that provides an environment where people feel safe, secure, and at home. 

We strive for zero harm for our employees through appropriate training and risk management. 

Innovation and Development

Guided by planning and diligence, the City of Thompson aims to create economic opportunities to attract people and businesses that improve our quality of life.

We’re exploring innovative approaches and best practices across the country to continuously improve our own processes, and deliver better value to residents and tax payers.

Transparency and Integrity

The City of Thompson and it’s decisions are open to the public, consistent with legislation, and respectful of the privacy of individuals. We strive to ensure our policies and actions are honest, caring and fair.



 Economic Development Corporation

Public Safety Task Force

Sustainable Infrastructure

Aboriginal Accord


Create an Economic Development Corporation to foster investment and entrepreneurship.

Develop a public safety strategy through a task force, utilizing community mobilization hubs.

Develop and implement a city-wide asset management program.

Support and Strengthen the Aboriginal Accord Table.

Create designated zones for active recreation.

Regional Partnerships

Main Street North

Public Relations/ Communications


Fleet Transformation

Pursue regional economic partnerships and opportunities with First Nations and northern communities.

Establish a Main Street North facility to address addictions and homelessness.

Improve responsiveness to resident inqueries and requests, and diversify our media output.

Continue working towards reconciliation with guidance from the TRC’s Recommendations and Calls to Action.

Pursue strategic fleet transformation to low emission, hybrid, or electric vehicles.


Restorative Justice

Northern Round Table

Multicultural Awareness

Green Buildings

Pursue new and alternative housing options to improve lifestyles and availability.

Lobby for a restorative justice and remand facility in Thompson.

Re-establish the Northern Round Table to improve collaboration between northern communities.

Celebrate Thompson’s cultural diversity through events and promotion.

Adopt green building standards for all new buildings and retrofits.

Winter Weather Testing

 Increase Bylaw Enforcement

Education and Training

Indigenous Languages

Active Transportation

Pursue and promote winter weather testing opportunities.

 Improve enforcement of animal control, property standards, and waste disposal.

Enhance the capacity of employees by providing optimum levels of training.

Develop signage and materials that recognizes local Indigenous language.

 Pursue the development of more pedestrian friendly options.

 Pool Facility

Fire Smart

Fire and Emergency Services

Green Living

Restore a Public Pool Facility to Thompson as a key lifestyle amenity in Thompson.

Promote and expand adoption of Community Fire Smart Program

Develop plans for a Fire & Emergency Response & Training facility.

 Develop and Promote Community Gardening and Livability Policies.


Fee and Fine
Fee and Fine