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Building Permits

Apply for Your Building Permit Online

The City of Thompson uses cloud-based software Cloudpermit. You can complete the entire building permit process online on any mobile device. With Cloudpermit, you can: 

  • Apply for building permits at any time, from anywhere
  • Check the status of your building permit or building inspection (when your application status changes, you’ll automatically receive an email letting you know)
  • Schedule or cancel building inspections
  • Communicate with your building department with time-stamped messages
  • Request and submit changes to an existing building permit 

How To Get Started

To start, create your Cloudpermit account by visiting Cloudpermit currently supports Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari browsers. Once registered, you can apply for building permits and track their progress online.

Before starting any construction project in Thompson, you should check in with our Building and Inspections Department to make sure you have all of the required permits.

How To Use Cloudpermit

How-to videos and support materials:

Cloudpermit has a variety of resources to help you – check out Cloudpermit Support for instructions on the basics and watch the instructional videos below to learn how to use the software (watch more here): 

Let us know if you have any questions – we’re happy to help. 

Why Do I Need A Building Permit?

Building permits help the City of Thompson keep track of construction and renovations in Thompson. They protect homeowners by ensuring every construction project meets a minimum level of quality and meet all provincial and local requirements, like the Manitoba Building Code and our Zoning By-Law.

Building permits also help us keep track of the big picture in Thompson's development, and how residents and businesses are investing in their properties over time.

When Do I Need A Building Permit?

Building Permit RequiredNo Building Permit Required
  • Constructing a new building;
  • Any additions to an existing building;
  • Building construction exceeding $10,000 in costs; including roof repairs;
  • Projects receiving assistance from the Home Renovation Tax Assistance (HRTA) Program (Manitoba Hydro loans);
  • A detached building (garage, storage sheds, gazebos, etc.) with a floor area over 108 square feet / 10 square metres
  • Decks, sunrooms, porches;
  • Temporary or permanent business sign ( freestanding or affixed to buildings);
  • Enclosing an existing deck;
  • Finishing previously unfinished spaces in a home such as basement developments, attics, etc;
  • Plumbing, electrical or air-conditioning systems;
  • Foundation repairs;
  • Hot tubs, pools, or any device capable of holding over 2 feet/600mm of water;
  • Wheelchair ramps or barrier-free accessibility;
  • Demolition or removal of all or portions of a building;
  • Patching, painting or decorating;
  • Replacing stucco, siding or shingles with same material;
  • Replacing doors and windows when the opening is not altered;
  • Installing cabinets and shelves;
  • Detached accessory storage building not greater than 108 square feet /10 square metres in building area;

Although a building permit may not be required, it is still necessary for the construction projects to comply with the current Manitoba Building Code, applicable zoning/development bylaws and requirements.

What Information Do I Need For a Building Permit?

You should have the following information ready when applying for your building permit:
  • Intended use (storage, hobby, house, garage, deck, sunroom, etc.)
  • Survey certificate; designer's name, address & contact information;
  • Location of the intended building (site plan) complete with north direction;
  • Scaled drawing of all relevant dimensions, including front, rear & side profiles;
  • Foundation details;
  • Length and width of the building's exterior dimensions;
  • Door & window locations; engineered roof truss/rafter certificates;
  • Heating appliances where relevant (make and model)
Building Permits Take Time

The most important thing is to ensure that you have all your documentation and plans/blueprints in order when you submit your permit application. Some building permits will require a Development Permit application and/or a Variation Application. If this is the case the process will take longer. We encourage you to submit your application well in advance of your project start date.

For additional information regarding building permits, make an appointment with our chief building inspector:

Chief Building Inspector 
Fee and Fine
Fee and Fine