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Designated Communities
Since 2012, Thompson has been recognized by the Government of Canada as one of 58 urban communities facing significant issues with homelessness. It is defined as a designated community and is eligible under the REACHING HOME program for long-term stable funding. This funding is administered locally by a community entity (CE).
As a designated community, Thompson is required to work toward community-level outcomes, including reduction of:
  • Chronic homelessness in the community;
  • Homelessness in the community and for specific populations, including Indigenous homeless residents;
  • New inflows into homelessness;
  • Returns to homelessness.

Community Entity
The City of Thompson has proudly served as the community entity (CE) in the delivery of Reaching Home: Canada's Homelessness Strategy since April 2019.
As the CE, and working closely with the Thompson Community Advisory Board, the City of Thompson is administering more than $1.7 million in REACHING HOME funds between 2019 and 2024 to assist in preventing and reducing homelessness.

Thompson Community Advisory Board
Members of the Thompson Community Advisory Board (CAB) are local leaders in homeless services delivery and policy development. They represent most of the major organizations dedicated to helping and supporting those impacted by homelessness in Thompson.
The CAB also reviews and recommends local projects based on REACHING HOME directives, terms and conditions, as well as community plan priorities. The City of Thompson, as the CE and with guidance from Service Canada, works with the CAB during this process, answering program-related questions and ensuring a fair and transparent process.

For more information, read the 2019-2024 Thompson REACHING HOME Community Plan, or reach out to our community entity coordinator, Andrea Hatley, at