Under the direction of the Government of Canada, the City of Thompson, as the Community Entity (CE) for Reaching Home: Canada’s Homelessness Strategy and together with the Thompson Community Advisory Board (CAB), is soliciting proposals for a Point-in-Time (PiT) Count and/or Registry Week to be performed in the fall of 2021. Funding of up to $18,000 is currently available.
A local PiT Count of homeless individuals has two primary purposes:
  • A count of local people who are experiencing homelessness, both sheltered and unsheltered, at a given time. Conducted over several years, PiT Counts can be used to track progress in reducing homelessness. 
  • A survey of the homeless population gives the community information on the demographics and service needs of their homeless population. This information can be used to target community resources to where they are most needed. 
A Registry Week is a coordinated outreach and triage assessment process used to develop actionable data on every person experiencing homelessness. It is often used as a starting point for a By-Name List.

A number of resources to help plan and set up a PiT Count and/or registry week are available in the Application Guide Resources section. The Northern Social Work Program, University of Manitoba, has offered to provide support for data input, analysis, and preparation of the the final PiT Count report.
The deadline for applications is June 4, 2021.