Thompson Fire & Emergency Services (TFES) operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week  providing fire protection and emergency medical service to the city and surrounding area. To achieve this, a compliment of twenty-four career Fire Medics and five Emergency Medical dispatchers.  We have one Senior Communication Officer who overlooks the dispatch aspect of our service.  The remaining 4 EMD dispatchers are divided into 4 platoons, each platoon working a schedule of two 10 hour day shifts, two 14 hour night shifts followed by four days off. In case of incidents requiring additional manpower, off duty firefighters and nineteen auxiliary firefighters are contacted.
Our Vision
To serve and protect our citizens and make Thompson a safe place to live and work.

Our Mission
To protect life and property, from fire or any other endangerment, including public awareness.
Contact Information 
City of Thompson 
Director of Fire and Public Safety 
226 Mystery Lake Road
Thompson, MB
R8N 1S6

Phone: (204) 677-7915