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A Building Permit is required for all decks in the City of Thompson.

To obtain a building permit for a deck, you must either present a copy of a Surveyor’s Building Certificate, or a well-drawn site plan showing all property dimensions, location of all buildings, and the location and size of the proposed deck. 

The site plan must show:

  • The overall size of the deck;
  • The size and spacing of the beams, posts and deck joists;
  • The type of foundation you have chosen to support the deck, and the location of any stairs leading to or from the deck.
  •  The height of the deck floor above finished ground level at its highest point.

Guardrails are required on decks that are more than 600mm (24 inches) above finished ground level. If a guardrail is required the openings through the guards shall not exceed 100 mm (4 inches) between each vertical support.

Zoning requirements will determine the location of side yard, front yard and rear yard clearances for the decks.

Fee and Fine
Fee and Fine