Real Property Taxes and Assessment

General Information

Annual tax statements are mailed at the end of July. If you own property in the City of Thompson and have not received a current year’s tax bill by August 15, contact the Tax Clerk at City Hall, 677-7910 or by e-mail at Failure to receive a tax notice, or an assessment notice is not grounds for non-payment of taxes by the due date. Annual taxes are due September 30. 

Payment of Taxes

Taxes can be paid in person by cheque, cash or debit. Taxes can be paid by mailing a cheque with the tear off stub from the statement. Taxes can be paid on-line by electronic fund transfer and through Telpay. The City is set up with all major banks and credit union central. Taxes can also be paid by pre-authorized debit. Contact the Tax Clerk to obtain the required form and to determine what your monthly payments should be in order to have the majority of the taxes paid by September 30. Debits are processed on the 15th day of the month. If you are using this program and change your bank account you must give the City two week’s notice of the change in account. Taxes can also be paid by providing a series of post dated cheques. Penalties on the unpaid balance after the due date are calculated at the rate of 1.25% monthly.


Properties in Manitoba are assessed every two years to ensure that assessment values keep pace with assessed market values. Improvements such as the addition of a deck or a garage will increase the assessment. Depreciation of a property that has not been maintained or renovated may cause a reduction in assessment. Detailed information concerning assessment can be found at the Province of Manitoba website under Manitoba Local Government. You may also call the local office at 677-6693.

Classes and percentage of assessment subject to tax, known as the portioned assessment are as follows: 

 Residential (less than 5 dwelling units)  45%
 Residential (more than 5 dwelling units)   45%
 Residential (owner occupied condos or co-op housing)   45%
 Commercial  65%

After receiving their Assessment Notices or tax bills, property owners may review any property on the Assessment Roll and compare their assessment with that of other similar properties. Tax rolls; however, are not open to the public.


Annually City Council determines the municipal budget for the coming year. There are always public consultations. After revenues, such as grants from other levels of Government and industry and user fees, are taken into account the balance of the budget must come from property taxes. Property taxes are determined using a mill rate. City Council sets the municipal mill rates required to raise the revenue needed to provide for City services. "Mill” means "thousand”, and is the tax rate for each 1,000 dollars of portioned assessment. If the mill rate is 19.630 it can also be stated as .019630.

Similarly the School District of Mystery Lake sets their mill rate. These taxes are collected on behalf of the School District by the City. The Education Support Levy is determined by the Province annually and is levied on commercial properties only. The Education Property Tax Credit Advance ($700 in 2011) is applied to any residence that is occupied by the registered owner on January 1 of the year. (An owner can receive the credit on one property in Manitoba only.)

Supplementary tax statements are processed throughout the year to applicable properties. There is a 30 day period to appeal the supplementary assessment following which there are 60 days before the supplementary taxes are due.

Mill Rate Comparison for 2013


 Municipal  19.257  14.600 25.582 26.370  22.437 14.988 19.630
 Education*  16.578  14.717 19.090  15.730  14.467  16.787 18.528
 Total  35.835  29.317 44.672 41.360   36.904 31.775 38.158


 Municipal 19.257 14.600 25.582 25.630 22.437 14.988 19.630
 Education* 16.578 14.717  19.090  15.730  14.467  16.787 18.528 
 Foundation** 11.830 11.747 11.830  11.830 11.830  11.830 11.830
 Total 47.665 47.064  56.502 53.190  48.734  43.605 49.988 

* School District of Mystery Lake
** Education Support Levy

Business Taxes and Assessments

The City of Thompson levies a tax on all businesses set up in commercial space. The business assessment is separate from the real property assessment and is calculated in a different manner. The levy is a percentage of the business assessment. In 2013 the levy was 4.49%. Business tax statements are mailed at the end of July and are due September 30.

City of Thompson Mill Rate comparison over 10 years

 2013 19.630 18.528  N/A  11.830
 2012 18.926 18.388 N/A 11.360
 2011 20.69 21.74 N/A 12.33
 2010 26.19 21.75 N/A 12.33
 2009 38.38 33.36 N/A 16.08
 2008 35.67 33.36 N/A 16.08
 2007 32.49 33.39 N/A 16.08
 2006 31.50 33.78 Removed 16.081
 2005 32.75 35.65 2.421 16.501
 2004 29.59 34.77 4.56 16.501
 2003 28.27 33.84 5.28 16.501
 2002 27.48 32.66 6.64 16.501