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Strategic Planning

The City of Thompson has invested in a series of four documents that serve to guide Mayor and Council as they make decisions, as well as administration throughout day to day management. These documents were designed through consultative processes including residents and key stakeholders. These documents are:

The Strategic Plan 2018-2022 identifies core strategies necessary to obtain a common vision and serves as a cornerstone for decision making.

The Thompson Aboriginal Accord is a ground-breaking document that guides the City as agreements are built and action plans developed in partnership with Indigenous government and peoples.

The Sustainable Community Plan provides decision makers with a blueprint to ensure long-term sustainability with a plethora of options for 20-years of growth and development.

The Master Parks Plan is a strategy for the improvement and management of Thompson’s parks and open spaces until 2030 which includes the addition of green spaces in alignment with the Sustainable Community Plan.

The City of Thompson Zoning By-law forms the bedrock of urban development planning in Thompson and creating a long-term vision for land use in Thompson.

The Thompson Planning District Development Plan builds on the zoning by-law and creates a framework for decision-making as development in the community progresses. 

The Yale-Newman Secondary Plan outlines a future mixed-use development near the southeastern bank of the Burntwood River.

To view the documents, please click on the below links:

Fee and Fine
Fee and Fine