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About 911 In Thompson

In Thompson, we don't use a 911 service in order to keep our fire and emergency dispatchers local. It makes it easier for residents to report emergencies, and less likely that residents will be put on hold. But it does mean that emergency services have their own dedicated phone numbers.

Fire and Medical Emergencies (204 - 677- 7911)

When you call the Thompson Fire & Emergency Services (TFES) emergency line, you will be connected with a local dispatcher first. They'll ask your name, contact, and address first, in case you become disconnected, then they will ask about your emergency. At this point, help is already on the way. They may also give you advice on what to do before help arrives, like how to perform CPR, maintain airways, deliver a child, control serious bleeding, and help people who are choking.

Once you have initial instructions, you will be transferred to an operator at the central call centre in Brandon, who will ask you more specific questions about the emergency. Please try to remain calm and patient: help is already on the way, even while you are answering questions for the dispatcher. Getting detailed information from the caller about the condition of the patient is critical, and allows our dispatchers to give our responding paramedics more accurate information.

Ambulance fees in Thompson are $250, covered either out-of-pocket or through an employer's benefits.

Police Emergencies (204 - 677- 6911)

Police emergencies are forwarded directly to a central province-wide call centre in Winnipeg. Sometimes, callers will be put on hold due to a high volume of emergency calls. Do not hang up: hanging up and calling again will move you to the bottom of the call queue. Answer the dispatcher's questions as best as you possibly can: remember the dispatcher is not local, and so local landmarks may not be enough.

Community Safety Officers (204 - 677 - 7916)

Community Safety Officers (CSOs) help address non-criminal issues like public intoxication and mental health checks downtown and can be reached through the Fire Hall's front desk. CSOs are not by-law officers, nor are they equipped to handle serious criminal matters that require investigation.

Fee and Fine
Fee and Fine