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Thompson 2020 is an initiative launched to assist workers affected by changes in Thompson's mining sector, and help our community transition towards a more diverse, self-sustaining economy. Through partnerships with employers, stakeholders, rights holders, and all three levels of government, Thompson 2020 aims to ensure that Thompson continues to be a city of opportunity for newcomers and seasoned residents alike. 

Thompson 2020 has identified key priorities to address prior to changes in Vale's workforce in 2018 These priorities are being approached through a concrete project structure based on clearly defined milestones that were developed with input from partners, stakeholders and rights holders. As opportunities have begun to emerge, this progress will be reported publicly on a regular basis.

Follow the link below to learn more about Thompson 2020's areas of work, or follow the links above to find information and resources surrounding your own needs, whether you're an affected worker and job seeker, a resident seeking new lifestyle opportunities, or an entrepreneur seeking start or expand your business.