Maintenance Programs
Water Main Flushing annually clears city water mains of sediment and build-up through high-pressure flushing through fire hydrants in the City. That's why you'll may see fire hydrants running open in the City during the summer, and why your neighbourhood's water may be discoloured for short periods. See the attached PDF for more information!

Water Break Repair Priorities
The City of Thompson is steadily updating its water and sewer mains every year through our Water and Sewer Main Renewal Program, replacing older copper pipes with composite piping that’s more resistant to both corrosion, temperature changes, and the shifting of soil.

In the meantime, Public Works addresses 4 - 7 water breaks throughout the city. With multiple breaks often present on any given day, the department needs to prioritize which breaks to address first.

Water breaks are not necessarily prioritized by the order they crop up, but according to the risk they pose to health, environment, volume, and potential for further property damage. Read up more on the way the City of Thompson prioritizes water break repairs below:
Annual Water Reports 
The City of Thompson has long prided itself on the quality of its municipal water supply, and is committed to maintaining this high standard of water quality, and transparency as part of the process. Below residents can find the results of our annual water quality report, compiled from data collected by an independent testing facility and reviewed by the Province of Manitoba.

Copies of the results are kept at our Public Works Yard.  Reports are available for viewing upon request. Please contact  the Public Works Yard at 204-677-7970, or visit us at 120 Seal Road.
Water Treatment Plant Transfer 
Formerly owned and operated by Vale, the Water Treatment Plant is in the process of being transferred into the hands of the City of Thompson. The City of Thompson has offered annual presentations on the progress of this process: more information can be found in the links below.