The need to broaden and diversify the economic base in Thompson and surrounding region is a long-standing priority. Economic volatility in recent years coupled with last November’s announcement that Vale will transition its operations in Thompson to mining and milling by 2015, have underlined the need for the City, the region and community partners to tackle this issue head on. 

The Thompson Economic Diversification Working Group (TEDWG) was formed to spearhead this effort. Launched on May 18, 2011, the TEDWG has a simple mission: to accelerate Thompson’s development as a regional service centre for northern Manitoba with a strong mining pillar. The TEDWG is chaired by the City of Thompson, and includes representatives from Vale, the business community, Aboriginal communities, and the Province of Manitoba. The Government of Canada and USW Local 6166 have been invited to participate. TEDWG is being supported by rePlan, a Canadian planning organization that works with resource-based communities in Canada and internationally. 

This group is responsible for identifying and pursuing the most promising opportunities to help Thompson diversify its economy and strengthen its position as an economic contributor to northern Manitoba. The Thompson Economic Diversification Plan will provide immediate direction on specific projects, strategies and actions. It will also provide a framework for continued action with regards to economic diversification over the long-term. 

TEDWG - Education and Training Action Plan