Thompson Housing Working Group

The City of Thompson and its partners in public safety services are aware of issues that have developing in certain rental properties in the community. City inspectors have been working with the Residential Tenancies Branch and Manitoba Public Health since January to attempt to resolve the issues with the property owners. As the situation has progressed, a working group, which includes the City of Thompson, Manitoba Residential Tenancies Branch, Manitoba Public Health, the Manitoba Medical Officers of Health, the RCMP and the Thompson Housing Agency has been established to take coordinated action to improve the situation. The working group had its first substantial meeting on July 11.

Formal Complaints are Critical

While there has been significant attention to the issues on social media, provincial authorities including Public Health and Residential Tenancies have indicated that they have received very few formal complaints regarding properties in Thompson, disproportionate to the reaction on community forums and social media.

Lodging formal complaints is an essential part of government agencies developing an effective case for action and improvements. Residents affected by what they perceive is poor property management, and who have exhausted all options with property management, are strongly encouraged to file complaints with the proper authorities. Below are several resources from provincial agencies that can help guide tenants through the process.

City of Thompson Fact Sheet and Contacts

If you work with or know individuals who rent their living space, we encourage you to share this fact sheet with contact information for provincial agencies who can help with landowner/tenant disputes.

Residential Tenancies Act: Tenant and Landowner Rights

Residential Tenancies Branch 

The Residential Tenancies Branch, governed by the Residential Tenancies Act, is the primary body that governs the rights and responsibilities between tenants and landowners in Manitoba. Their website includes a number of fact sheets that can help both residents and landowners, including when and how to file a formal complaint against a tenant, or a property owner.
Phone Numbers:
Local Office: 204-677-6496
Toll-free: 1-800-229-0639
Manitoba Public Health
MB Public Health's Safe Housing Program ensures that all tenancies meet a certain standard of healthy living, including functional plumbing and heating, basic security needs, freedom from infestation, cleanliness, safe emergency exits, and good air quality free from mould and asbestos. If a tenant files a formal Request for Repairs, and the landlord fails to make adequate repairs to the building or unit, a tenant may request an inspection from Manitoba Public Health. Find out more at the link below:
Phone Numbers:
Local Office: 204-677-6472
Provincial Office: 204-945-4204
RCMP and Manitoba Justice
If you suspect that there's ongoing criminal activity in your rental facility, it's important that you contact the local RCMP detachment to provide a tip. However, Manitoba Justice also operates under the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act, designed to hold property owners accountable for regular, ongoing criminal activities in their properties.

Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act Homepage
Phone Numbers:
RCMP Local Office (Non-emergencies): 204-677-6909
RCMP Emergency Line (Immediate response): 204-677-6911
Manitoba Justice: 1-800-954-9361