The Purchasing Department, overseen by the Chief Financial Officer is part of the City Finance department and is located in offices at the Public Works Yard.

The Purchasing Department is responsible for the acquisition of all materials, equipment and services required by The City, and the disposal of all surplus materials and equipment. Purchasing also provides information on products, suppliers/vendors, specifications, etc. to operating departments. The City of Thompson requires that purchasing be done on a competitive basis.

The services provided are:
  • Acquisition of materials, equipment and services required by The City of Thompson
  • Disposal of all surplus materials and equipment
  • Control and maintenance of adequate levels of inventory 
Please contact the Purchasing Agent for more information.

Purchasing Department
226 Mystery Lake Road
Thompson, Mb 
R8N 1S6
Sumit Beri
Purchasing Agent 
Ph: (204) 677-7974
Fax: (204) 677-7980 

Contracting to Work on City of Thompson Projects 

Any contractor who is qualified to do the job has a chance to work on a construction project for the City of Thompson. 

The rules are designed to make the Public Tender process as fair as possible to the contractor, The City and above all, to the taxpayers. 

There are some differences from the private section such as additional laws and regulations. The taxpayers must get exactly what was ordered and at the lowest possible price. As well, all work must be awarded in a fair and open process to qualified contractors. 

The City shall have the right to disqualify the Contractor from tender process if they have failed to complete their obligations under any prior contract with the City of Thompson or has been involved in litigation with the City. 

The lowest or any Tender/Proposal need not be accepted by the City of Thompson. The City shall have the right to evaluate competing bids in accordance with its own criteria for evaluation applied to the specific item or work being proposed, whether or not such criteria has been expressly related to the bidders. The City of Thompson reserves the right to award the Tender/Proposal that it deems to be in the best interest of the City. 

The City wants to receive as many bids as possible and therefore wants to avoid rejecting tenders from competent contractors. But if a tender application is late, not completed properly, or has any other violation of the process, then The City may have no choice but to reject it. Rejecting applications is a waste of time for both The City and the Contractor who went to the time and trouble of tendering a job only to be disqualified for something that could easily have been avoided.