Once the emergency shelter closes, the City of Thompson will not be able to provide lodging for evacuees.

Evacuees can and should immediately begin to look for new lodging. If you have friends or family you can rely on, you should contact them as soon as possible.

However, the Forest View Suites North Tower will not re-open for several months, and displaced residents will need to seek long-term solutions.

There are agencies that can help you through this difficult time. Below is some information to get you started.
Retrieving Your Belongings

Armour Management has started making appointments with Forest View Suites residents to begin retrieving belongings from their units. For the time being, this is limited to smaller items that can be collected and removed within an hour.
To set up an appointment. please call 204-677-9880.
Your name MUST be on the rental agreement/lease in order to set up an appointment to access your suite. Individuals who are elderly or disabled are permitted to bring an escort.

Tenants will be escorted with an Armour representative to their suites, and will be signed in and out of the building.

Organizing the retrieval of belongings is the sole responsibility of Armour Management. All concerns or questions regarding your appointments should be directed to the management company.

Who Can Offer Me Help?

Manitoba Employment and Income Assistance: If you currently receive social assistance, EIA may have resources available to help you. They’re in Dressing Room 1 and 2.

Manitoba Housing: Manitoba Housing can help you through the process of finding affordable housing options through the Province of Manitoba.

Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak: If you were a visitor to the towers and have a home in an MKO member community, MKO can help you get home.

Residential Tenancies Branch: The RTB can help you recover your security deposit, and file the paperwork to return to your suite once the building is repaired.

What About My Pets?

All the pets that we have located have been retrieved by Animal Control and are being held at the Thompson Humane Society. They can be retrieved there.

What About My Belongings?

Armour Management has boarded up the building and hired security to guard the building every night. Armour is building a list and making arrangements for residents to retrieve their belongings. To make an appointment, you should call Armour Management at 204-677-9880.
I need some basic goods. Where can I get them?
The City of Thompson has been working with the Salvation Army Thrift Store in the Westwood Mall to help provide basic clothing and goods to families who need them.
The Canadian Mental Health Association also has a thrift store at 43 Fox Bay, and has invited displaced residents to visit the store.
Where Can I Apply for New Housing?

Below are rental applications for rental companies who may have available units: