The Departments Role and Biography 

Planning is everywhere you go and everything you do. It’s where you sleep at night; where you live, work, and play; and where your friends and family live; how you get to and from your destinations of interest; where your children go to school; what kinds of businesses are located in your city; how you communicate to one another; and consultation on deciding all of the above. All of these variables can shift if the climate of opinion changes. It’s important! 

The Planning and Development department is responsible for approving all forms of development in City of Thompson. We are also responsible for vision-based, long-range planning that improves the City’s quality of life, economic base, and environmental footprint, while providing the highest quality service to our residents. We will strive for interdepartmental collaboration with heavy emphasis on community-based partnerships in all of our projects and initiatives moving forward. We are also responsible for implementing Thompson’s Development Plan in order to foster sustainability and connectedness in all of our future projects.