Clean Commerce Business Challenge

Clean Community Month is over, and we're excited to see just how much cleaner Thompson is looking after the spring thaw.
But for business owners in Thompson, especially property owners, the clean-up doesn't end in June: it's a constant battle against a never-ending army of fast-food wrappers, soda cans, cigarette butts, and other things we don't dare mention. Their efforts are critical to keeping our high-traffic areas downtown clean.
It's time to return the favour, and show them you've noticed their hard work. Throughout the summer, vote in our Clean Commerce Business Challenge to crown Thompson's most well-kept business property. We'll be declaring a winner every week, and at the end of the summer, we'll be crowning our Clean Commerce Grand Champion.
The Rules
1. We called it the Clean Commerce challenge, but public institutions that own property are also allowed to compete.
2. The poll is a Facebook poll, and you must have a Facebook account to vote. This helps us avoid duplicate votes and spam.
3. You can cast one vote a day.
4. Every Monday, the poll will close, and we'll declare a winner.
5. At the end of the summer, on September 30, we tally up weekly wins, and declare our Grand Champion!
What to look for:
1. Is the property free from litter?
2. Has the parking lot/property been swept?
3. Is the property's green space mowed and clean?
4. Has graffiti been covered up?
What NOT to vote on:
We discourage residents from voting on things like potholes, broken windows, and other damage to capital property. These things are not always in a businesses control, and are often costly to repair. Even when a business takes immediate action, replacement parts and labour can take a long time to arrive.
We also discourage residents from voting based on damage done by City capital projects or infrastructure repairs. That's our bad, guys, and don't be afraid to let us know if you see something out of place in that respect.
Why are we running this competition?
The effort that businesses put in to clean their properties is a huge part of keeping our community clean, especially in the downtown area. Much of this work happens in the early morning, as our residents are still crawling out of bed and getting their families ready for the day.

We wanted to highlight the invaluable work that businesses put in to keep our community in top notch shape. But we also want to show Thompsonites that Community Clean-up doesn't end in June. Litter doesn't just disappear: employees take time out of their day *every day* to make sure their properties are friendly and inviting, and every hour spent cleaning is an hour that could have been used providing new and more robust services to our community members.
Vote today, and every day!