The City of Thompson's Animal Control program helps protect public safety surrounding domestic pets, and conventionally-domestic animals that have become feral (eg. stray dogs), as per the City of Thompson's Animal Control By-Law (1865-2012).

There are four fundamental reasons to call Animal Control:
1. Dog or cat bite
2. Injured Animals
3. Banned Breeds (requires address where animal is being housed)
4. Deceased animal found in public place
Our Animal Control Officer can be contacted during regular business hours at 204-677-7903.

Issues surrounding the welfare and mistreatment of animals is the responsibility of the Province of Manitoba, and can be reported toll-free through the province's Animal Care line. Animal Protection can be reached toll-free at 1-888-945-8001. A locally-based Animal Protection Officer will respond to the concern.
Animal Control only addresses domestic animal concerns. For issues surrounding wildlife, residents can contact Manitoba Sustainable Development (formerly Manitoba Conservation) at 204-677-6640.