In August 2007 the City of Thompson developed a partnership with the Thompson Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation (TNRC) to provide graffiti cover-up services as a pilot project. TNRC worked with the Canadian Mental Health Association employment program to deliver the service. 2008 marked the first year that CMHA partnered with the City of Thompson to offer this free service to businesses in Thompson. On a daily basis, citizens of Thompson see graffiti vandalism. Just like the big cities in Canada, graffiti is a huge problem that costs taxpayers money each year to repair the property damage. Individuals living with a mental illness/mental health issues work to cover up all current graffiti free of charge to businesses around the City of Thompson within a timely fashion which help the personnel gain social skills and work experience.

Please be advised that the Graffiti Cover Up Program is only available during the Summer months. During that time graffiti can be reported to the Canadian Mental Health Association at (204) 677-6058.  To report Graffiti during the winter months please contact the Thompson Fire and Emergency Services at (204) 677-7916.