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Thompson Thompson is in a period of transition and growth. We are actively partnering with businesses, neighbouring communities and development agencies to transform the economy of Northern Manitoba to the benefit of the northern region. Our progressive land sale policies and economic diversification plan focuses on what Thompson and the Region need in terms of goods and services.

We are inviting request for proposals for the purchase and development of Industrial, Commercial and Residential land. Proposals that are accompanied by a complete offer to purchase and correct deposit will be considered before any proposals not accompanied by offers to purchase. Please review our Land Sale Parameters.

 To view the land the City of Thompson currently has for sale, please click the links below or call Matt Boscariol, Director of Planning & Community Development at 204-677-7922 or 
Please visit  Thompson Economic Development Working Group Strategic Plans to learn more about the exciting plans we have for our proud northern city.

Click here for our Request for Proposals

Click here for our Land Sale Parameters

Click here to see our 2012 - 2015 Capital Investment Infographic

Request for Land Transfers
The City of Thompson requires legal counsel of the builder/developer/applicant to procure the Status of Title and Land Transfer documents and forward them to the City of Thompson for Council approval.
Please contact the Province of Manitoba’s Land Title’s Office at:

Room B21-25 Tupper Street North
Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 2K1
Phone: (204) 239-3306
Toll-free: 1 (888) 877-3067

Location Legal Description
Yale Newman Lot 1 Plan 54669 PLTO (N.Div)  
Station Grounds  26 Lots Plan 55901 PLTO
 Location Legal Description  
 Nelson Road (West) Lot 1, Plan 6375, PLTO (N.Div)
 Nelson Road Lot 3, Block 2, Plan 43392 PLTO (N.Div)
 Nelson Road Lot 4, Block 39, Plan 741 PLTO (N.Div)
 Nelson Road Lot 6, Block 39, Plan 741 PLTO (N.Div)
 Nelson Road Lot 15, Block 40, Plan 741 PLTO (N.Div)
 Nelson Road (West) Part Lot C, Plan 5296 PLTO (N.Div) 
 Moak Crescent             Lot 8, Block 1, Plan 43392 PLTO 
 Thompson Drive (South) Lot 5, Plan 32430 PLTO (N.Div) 
 Public Square Public Square and Lot 3, Block 35, Plan 740 PLTO (N.Div)
 Location Legal Description  
35 Knife Crescent Lot 17, Block 1, Plan 928 PLTO (N.Div) 
63 Knife Crescent Lot 20, Block 1, Plan 928 PLTO (N.Div)  
69 Knife Crescent Lot 21, Block 1, Plan 928 PLTO (N.Div) 
Footprint Road Lot 1-16 Parcel A, Plan 52664 PLTO (N.Div) 
 Location Legal Description  
Golf Course Part of Block D, Plan 4636 PLTO (N.Div) 
North of the Burntwood River Part of Plan 4636
Sauger Crescent Public Lane, Block 120, Plan 806 PLTO (N.Div) 
Sturgeon Crescent Parcel A, Plan 5296 PLTO (N.Div) 
Basswood Avenue Public Park, Plan 743 PLTO (N.Div)  
Smith Crescent Lot 7, Block 2, Plan 34932 (N.Div)
Smith Crescent 19 Lots, Block 9, Plan 34932 PLTO (N.Div) 
Hambley Road 7 Lots, Block 2, Plan 34932 (N.Div)
MacMaster Bay 35 Lots, Plan 34932 (N.Div) 
Princeton Drive Lot 3, Block 178, Plan 848
Princeton Drive Lot 4, Block 178, Plan 848
Princeton Drive Lot 5, Block 178, Plan 848 
Princeton Drive   Lot 6, Block 178, Plan 848
Princeton Drive Lot 2, Block 175, Plan 847 
Princeton Drive Lot 3, Block 179, Plan 848
Johnston Crescent Lot 27, Block 1, Plan 6909 
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