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Does your utility bill seem high? Before you call us check your meter.
1. Make sure you are not running any water.
2. Shine a flashlight on your meter (the meter will look blank until you do this). There are three screens which will come up; the one you are looking for will be the reading. Initially it will be the third screen and then the screens will alternate between rate and reading. If the numbers are changing, water is running.
3. You may also see a very small faucet with a drip; this indicates you have a leak. Flashing identifies the leak as intermittent, if it is not flashing it is continuous.

The majority of the leaks have been leaky toilets. To check you toilet follow the instructions below.
1. Pour several drops of food colouring into the tank of your toilet
2. Do not flush for 20- 30 minutes
3. Look at your toilet bowl if the water has changed colour your toilet is leaking

Last updated: 07/02/2012 1:47:18 PM