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Vision Statement
The City of Thompson is committed to providing a superior quality of life and unlimited opportunities for all. 

Mission Statement
The City of Thompson is dedicated to supporting healthy growth and our northern urban lifestyle while providing our community with high quality municipal services and facilities.  We are:

  • A progressive community of choice that offers a clean, safe, and friendly environment.
  • A regional service centre which respects our relationship and partnerships with neighbouring communities and recognize that northern Manitoba is vital to the strength of our province.
  • A community which celebrates the diversity of our people, cultures, and traditions.

Our strength lies in our healthy lifestyles; educational, employment and economic opportunities; our respect for the northern environment; and our global perspective.


Environmental Responsibility
Respect the environment when making decisions and will use risk management criteria to minimize environmental impacts on our actions.

Financial Accountability
Dedicated to being a good steward of public funds and resources.

Attain value for public funds and, where reasonable, will provide services on a user pay basis.

Accountable for our actions.

Healthy Lifestyles/Quality of Life
In supporting and promoting the importance of healthy living, the City of Thompson is dedicated to providing healthy recreational and cultural opportunities for the residents and visitors.

Respect for Employees/Citizens
Employ a diverse workforce that plays an integral role in the success of the City.

Cultural diversity if our residents is reflected in our services and actions.

Safe Community/SafeOperations
Dedicated to a safe community that provides an environment where people feel safe, secure, and 'at home.'

Strive for zero harm for our employees through appropriate training and risk management.

Sustainable Growth and Innovation
Guided by planning and policies, the City of Thompson will create economic opportunities to attract people and businesses to develop and grow in a healthy manner.

Embrace best practices and innovative approaches to continuously improve all of our systems and process.

Transparency and Integrity
Operate in an open and transparent manner.

Open to the public, consistent with legislation, and respectful of the privacy of individuals.

Act in an honest, caring and fair manner.







Healthy Community           

Implement the Sustainable Community Plan through local and regional perspectives.

Regional Investment

Foster partnerships with our regional neighbours to grow the community.

Aboriginal Accord

Advance decisions through the lens of the Accord.


Increase percentage of collected recyclables through education and enhanced programs.

Education and Training

Enhance the capacity of employees by providing optimum levels of training.

Educational Growth

Enhance and expand opportunities that will provide a multi-faceted approach to meet the needs of the community and region.

Thompson Economic Diversification Working Group (TEDWG)

Continue to diversify the economy through collaboration with multiple stakeholders.


Strive for inclusion of all our residents in the activities of the community based on a foundation of the shared values of honesty, respect, mutual sharing and collaboration.

Balanced Development

Provide an environment for all types of development following the principles established in the Sustainable Community Plan.

Public Relations Communications

Create a comprehensive public engagement strategy concentrating on public input and dissemination of information.

Public Safety

Ensure that collaboration with similar groups focuses on implementing appropriate plans and addressing systemic issues in our community.

Economic Opportunities

Reduce the reliance on a single industry by strengthening and diversifying other economic sectors, including tourism development, and growing the City’s footprint.

Multi-Cultural Awareness

Provide awareness on the diverse multi-cultural make-up of the community.

Public Transit

Grow the affordable transportation alternative while considering special programming to meet the needs of the community.


Establish asset management plans that prioritize the long-range needs of the community.

Recreational Opportunities

Implement the Master Parks Plan in developing state of the art facilities and opportunities for all ages.

Housing Options

Provide various types and densities of housing that will meet the needs of all residents.


Utilize respect as the underlying tenant in how the City conducts business.

Environmental Awareness

Increase public awareness and consider environmental impact on all developments.


Continue to create a culture of safety that advances the City along its journey to zero harm.




Active Transportation

Pursue the development of more pedestrian friendly options.

Information Technology

Develop a more efficient use of technology within financial resources.




Facility Investment

Develop facilities that meet or exceed current green building standards.



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